Winter Leagues 2017/18

Winter leagues around the Tristate area. All start times, rounds and end dates are subject to change. Please visit their respective sites to confirm times.

Fredrock Glow @ Woodsboro
Monday's 5:30ish (start times daylight dependent)
Singles, $4 to play, optional $1 Ace pot...
Please visit our Facebook page for start times/info. League stats tracked through Disc Golf Scene

Seneca Creek DGC
Saturday's at 12:15pm
Random doubles, $3 to play, optional $1 CTP, and $1 ace pot
No end date specified, see their Facebook page for more info

Rockapsco PDGA rated singles round at Patapsco and Rockburn
Saturday's at 9:30am $5…/Rockapsco_2017_San…/schedule


For all putting leagues all you need is 2 putters and a great attitude!

Barn Burner's @ Hog Hollow in Meyersville, MD
Tuesday's at 6pm
1 round of singles skillshot, and 1 round of randomly drawn doubles horseshoes
Visit their Facebook page for latest info, results can be found at DGScene…/Barn_Burner_Putting_League_…

LoCo at Vanish brewery in Leesburg, VA
Thursday's at 6
Horseshoes type event, visit their Facebook page for more info

717 Flying Disc Club @ The Dawg House, Waynesboro, PA
Monday's or Wednesday's at 6:15pm
Randomly drawn doubles, horseshoes
Check their Facebook page for more info 

Fredrock update, long overdue!

Long overdue post, sorry about that everyone! Wanted to publicly get some information out, lots of great things happening in Fredrock!

Woodsboro glow has started once again!!! Fredrock is blessed to have one of the only Disc Golf parks that is open after dark. There are glow discs that you can buy, but any translucent disc, (some other plastics work too), will glow with the aid of a coin battery and LED. For $1 Jim Hall, (the league coordinator), will equip you with a battery and LED. It is $4 to play, with an optional $1 entry into the club's ace pot. Aces payout 50% of the running total. Tee times change with daylight restraints but will typically start around 5:30pm-6pm. Please visit our Facebook page for current start times and info.

Putting League this year is being held at Hog Hollow in Meyersville, with the 'Barn Burner' crew hosting. Buy-in is $5, played on Tuesdays, and start at 6pm. The night will consist of 2 rounds; skill shot and horseshoes. Putts are thrown in a section of their barn, indoors, on private property. There are two propane heaters, but definitely dress warm when needed. Details can be found at the league's DGScene page.  Also make sure to join their Facebook group, Barn Burner's, for the latest info.

Ice Bowl season starts in Januaury! Ice Bowl tournaments are played worldwide and they raise money for local food banks. While it is a tournament, it is a very relaxed environment and all level of players are highly encouraged to play. Fredrock usually has 2 seperate dates, one for a semi-random draw triples at Middletown and Heritage Farm park, and another at Woodsboro which is a glow event (the only glow Ice Bowl in the state!). The Ice Bowl mantra is "no wimps, no whiners" and there has certainly been some years that have tested that! One year we played while it was actively dumping a foot of snow on us! Dates and details are still to be determined, stay tuned.

Woodsboro Disc Golf course is still being fine tuned. Recently, most of the tee pads were leveled, with the aid of railroad ties (thank you Walkersville Southern Railroad). Stone crush was also added to most of the tee pads, giving them some excellent grip. During the winter months we will be adding new pin positions for some of the holes. Please post in our Facebook group if you would like to volunteer your time improving the course.

Lastly, the 2017 "Tag Finale" is being held December 10th, at Woodsboro DGC. Registration starts at 9, teeing off at 10. $10 to play, and you do not need a tag to play! This tournament will determine what tag you end up with, hence ranked in the area, for the year (but if you don't show up with a tag then you won't leave with a tag). Hope to see everyone out!

Fredrock Ice Bowls

Dan Becker is once again hosting our Ice Bowls. Ice Bowls are charity events that benefit local food banks. They are also very low key tournaments which are perfect for newer players. Here is his post from the forum:

10th annual Fredrock Ice Bowl!

Date: Sunday - January 3, 2016
Location: Middletown Park & Heritage Farm Park (cross town tournament)
Cost: $20 for adults, Kids under 18 play for free!
Food: Free Pizza for lunch!
Registration: 9:45 AM until 10:00 AM at Middltown Park

Format at Middletown Park: Triples! (Long Tees)
Format at Heritage Farm Park: Triples! (Short Tees)

$5 of the registration fee will be donated to the Middletown Food Bank
$5 of the registration fee will be donated to the Glade Valley Food Bank

This tournament is sponsored by the HTMFDGC.


Stay tuned for information on another Ice Bowl being held at Woodsboro on January 16th. This tourney will be a GLOW event! 

Meeting Minutes November 2015

November Meeting Minutes

Location: Tilted Kilt

Members present: Geremy Gieryna, Eric Boger, Steve Minnick, Zack Brooks, Chad Baker, and Jon Hawksford.


Upcoming tourneys:

Early Spring we will be having a Woodsboro Inaugural tournament, probably will be a low entry fee. Goal is to get people out to view the new course.

Talked about having a fundraiser tourney for Fredrock’s first PDGA event. Discussed whether or not we wanted to pursue an ‘Ace Race’ type of event. We decided to hold our own event getting CFR discs since we will be able to make more money off of it for extra payouts to the PDGA event.

Fredrock’s first PDGA event will be held in September. Actual dates will all depend on when Bobby Hermann posts a schedule on


DGcoursereview will be retiring the old Woodsboro page and creating a new one. There was a discussion as to whether we should hold off reviews until the course is completed. The majority of us decided to let the reviews roll hoping for some constructive feedback.

Also talk about a ‘Lost Disc’ box for Woodsboro. Steve will look into making a metal box (that will hopefully be able to survive the kids there). Another option will be to put a mail slot into the door of the shed.

Project Open Space could help fund the teepads and signs, Steve is going to try and contact Jon Bolling to see if we can get a copy of what he submitted back in 2007.

Upcoming Fredrock elections:

We decided to keep things simple and keep the elections the same as last year, just voting for a president. The president will then choose whomever he wants to get input from throughout the year. Voting will be some time in December.

Other tidbits that came up:

Steve to get a total on Ace pot, need some way to keep that up to date

Boger says that there is $200-$300 in the Fredrock funds, total to be determined.

Once all of the money comes in for the Woodsboro expansion there will be around ~$900 for supplies. Currently Eric Boger has been using his own money.

The course at Frederick County’s Sheriff Ranch was brought up. I contacted them a few months ago and they informed me that they did not know what the future held for them. Currently they are restructuring, the state of Maryland has cut the funding to them. I will try to reach out to them again.

Next year the Fall camping trip will be at the Blockhouse in Spotsylvania Virginia (pending approval of the owner). There was also talk of a Spring camping trip at Zack Brook’s place in West Virginia.

Kinder Farms club wants to have some type of club challenge. Since both clubs are so far away we were talking about maybe getting points for attendance for whomever the away team is.

Last, but not least, no blinking LED lights for glow! Don't want anyone getting epileptic seizures! ^^^ Is just a joke, use whatever lights you want!

2015-16 Putting League

Every Sunday until February 28th
Registration @ 10:30 am, Putting begins @ 11
$5 entry fee
Format - Each Sunday will consist of two rounds. One round of "skill shot" where you will be putting from six different locations to a designated basket. The main difference between this year and last is that the skill shot competition will be individual round. The second round will be "horse shoe style" and will be randomly drawn doubles.

1$ of everyone's entry fee will go to the winner of the skill shot competition
3$ of everyone's entry fee will go to the winners of the house shoe competition 
1$ of each entry fee will go to the putting league perfect round pot. 

Perfect round- hitting all twelve putts in the skill shot round. The pot will pay out 75%, the other 25% will stay in the pot for shenanigans at the end of the season

Points- In both rounds player will be assessed points based on their performance. 15pts for 1st, 12pts for 2nd, 9pts for 3rd, 6pts for 4th, 3pts for 5th, and one point for everyone else. 

End of the season- Another major change in the format will be that there will be no money given to the top performers at the end of the season. However we will be keeping track of each players top seven rounds and will have trophies or medals or something for the top 3 players. Hopefully this will make the overall standings a little more fair for the people who can't be there every week

Lastly - I should not have to say this but everyone needs to respect the kindness that Cafe 611 is showing us. If at any time I feel we are disrespecting the establishment putting leagues will be over.


Thanks for reading and being respectful... Let's have a great season!
Cafe 611 is located at 611 North Market Street, right in downtown Frederick.

Fredrock Singles League Finale


From Chad on Facebook:

Just a reminder to everyone next Sunday the 11th is going to be the singles finale @ woodsboro.... We will be teeing off at 10... I haven't decided on a layout yet but expect 27 holes 18- recard- 9.... Just mark your calendars if your planning on playing.... What ever is in the Tuesday ace pot will be used at as added cash for the tournament....

Anyone can play in it but it is preferable if you have played atleast once in a Tuesday Singles Player Meet


(Edit) This will start at 10

Woodsboro Course Under Construction


Fredrock DGC, in collaboration with the town of Woodsboro, is expanding their course to 18 holes. A lot of work has already been done and the "new" front 9 is complete. Currently we are playing with temporary baskets for some of the holes. The order for 9 more baskets will be going in next week (hopefully). Here is the most up-to-date map we have:


Preliminary work has already begun for the back 9 and the fairways will begin taking shape over the next several weeks. Please do NOT do any work on your own without consulting a Fredrock club member. Every bush, sapling, vine, and tree has it's intended place on the course. Please use caution while playing the new holes, the fairways are in good shape but there are stumps throughout the course.


Ditto Random Draw Doubles! Saturday 07-18

Random draw dbls
Ditto DGC

9-9:40 sign up
9:40-10 players party
10:15 tee

5$ entry
1$ ctp (first round hole 8)
1$ ace pot (50$ added from Tuesday singles ace pot)

Rd 1: pad to yellow 
Rd 2: short tee to short basket (one disc)

(If you lose a disc in the second round you must use another disc of the same type... Putter for putter ... Mid for mid .... Ect)

July Monthly

Date: Sunday July 12th
Course: Ditto Farms DGC in Hagerstown
Pre party / Registration: 8:45-9:20
Tee Time: 9:45 AM
Entry Fee: $5

Summer in Fredrock!

Summer is just around the corner and there is a ton of good stuff going on the Frederick disc golf community right now. It's been a while since I have posted anything here, and I just wanted to provide a general update of everything going on right now.

Thursday Doubles League

Thursday doubles is in full swing and has been a huge success so far this year. We have seen some of the best turnouts ever, and a lot of new faces. The full schedule, leaderboard, and league rules can all be found over at Disc Golf Scene. This league is open to everyone.

Tuesday Singles League

Tuesday's are back! League meets every Tuesday at Woodsboro Regional Park. This league is open to anyone and everyone. Full rules, schedule, standings etc are over on Disc Golf Scene.

Heritage Match-play League

The match-play league is new to Fredrock this year! So far its been off to a great start. The round robin portion of this league will wrap up mid-July, with the playoffs soon to follow. This league is a ton of fun. If you did not get a chance to get in on it this season, stay tuned for updates for Season 2 to start up sometime after the July / August finals.

Bag Tags


Fredrock is doing bag tags right this season! Over 40 have been sold already. If you don't have one yet, they are usually available for purchase at any fredrock league night or meetup for $10. Also, did I mention that the tags are also bottle openers!? niiice.





June Monthly

The June monthly will take place Saturday, June 13 at Hertiage Farm Park. Registration will open at 12:00 noon, with a 1:00 tee time. Come join us for a fun day of disc golf. And if you don't have your bag tag yet, this is the perfect time to come get one.

Woodsboro - 9 more baskets coming soon!

Thats right! We have been granted permission from the park to start work on a new course layout that would include 9 additional holes. There will be a club meeting regarding this topic on June 13 at Heritage Farm Park. This will take place at 12:00 noon, before the monthly. Anyone who is interested in this or wants to help out is welcome! Pleae come out and show your support. 

In addition to the manual work needed for this, we are also going to need to monitary help to fund the new baskets. If you don't have time to give, but you are interested in donating, you can use our Go Fund Me page to help fund a basket.

Fredrock Monthly Middletown

Sunday, April 19th

Middletown DGC

9:30 players party

10:00 tee

1 round of 20 holes


Official Start of Freestate Doubles

Freestate Doubles season starts tomorrow! Anyone is welcome, but you may want to at least have a decent knowledge of golfing courtesy and some basic Disc Golf rules.

Here is a link to the tentative schedule which includes locations and tee times. I pulled the start times from last year and kept them the same. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make the first couple months due to conflicting obligations with my son. Therefore if any of the other TD's think that the times need to be changed then message me. I should have Steve Minnick and Eric Boger added as TD's to DGS soon. More information can be found in the 'About' section. A couple quick things to note is that it costs $3 to play (100% payout), there is also an optional $1 ace pot (pays out 50% once an ace is hit), and an optional $1 CTP (closest to pin). It is random doubles and it will be rotating between Heritage and Woodsboro on Thursdays.



Last Week of Putting League

Putting leagues last indoor session this Sunday at 4 pm ( you must show up/donate to the ace pot to attend the chains race next Sunday March 8th).  Geremy Gieryna had stolen the first place spot and is looking to secure the title of BEST PUTTER IN FREDROCK. Hope to get a great turn out for the last putting league of the season..

The "Foot Fault" Open putting league finale

Mark your calendars ... Fredrock putting league finale.. A.K.A THE FOOT FAULT OPEN

March 8th at Heritage Farm Park DGC

To conclude the putting season Fredrock Disc Golf will be holding a BYO putters Ace or Bust tournement.

2 RDS, 20 holes
10$ entry, 1 division 
7$ goes to pay outs
2$ goes to Ace pot (most aces)
1$ goes to club funds
** the remainder of the Frederick putting league ace pot will be used as added cash for the event 3/4 of the money will go to overall payouts and 1/4 of the money will be put into the tournament ace pot(most aces)...

11:30am - reg/disc check
12:15pm - 15 min pre party
12:30pm - 1st rd tee
2:30 - lunch 
3:30 -2nd rd tee
5:30- payout
( trying to be generous with time hopefully it doesn't take us two hours to take twenty shots)


- to be eligible to play you must have attended one Fredrock 2014 putting league. **

** since we are trying to build our club I a accepting in kind dontions to the ace pot of 2$ (in advance\in addition to entry fee) to secure yourself a spot in the tournament if you are unable to attend the next two weeks **

- two discs (can only carry the two you check in )
- putters only (any disc under a 3 speed)
-one shot per hole

- 5pts ace 
- 3pts chains hit
- 1pt metal hit

- highest scores win
- most aces gets ace pot

Extra Info.
- lay out will be shorter first round and longer the second
- lay out will be determined by myself and a hand selected group of experts
- holes will probably range from 50/60' - 100/125' (min/max)